Murder n' Mayhem: Murder Mystery Parties


Sleuthing Tips

How our mysteries work
Murder n’ Mayhem mysteries are based on a series of clues and physical pieces of evidence, similar to a true crime! The evidence items represent the guilty parties and will help narrow down your list of guilty suspects.

As a guest of a murder mystery party if you are not the killer then your goal is to prove your innocence by being a sleuth and solving Who Dunnit? If you are the killer, your goal is to make everybody else look very guilty!

Gathering clues and character’s motives
Nearly every character at the party will have a motive that could implicate them as the killer. You will need to discover the other character’s motives and find the evidence that relates to the crime to help you determine who is actually guilty.

Unfortunately, some of the guests at the party disturbed the crime scene before it was officially discovered. They took evidence items to assist them in solving the crime. They are able to use these items however they wish; bribery, blackmail, barter, etc… (These items are distributed in the Character Confidential envelopes.) The number of evidence items that are relevant to the murder will be disclosed in the Host Announcement at the beginning of the party. You will want to be sure to find all of these items at the party if you want to solve Who Dunnit?

Connecting the evidence to the guilty character
You may have to find the correct clue to know what a piece of evidence means or who it represents. For example a king of hearts from a deck of cards could be used to represent a male character that is having “love-life” issues and is an avid poker player. You would then need to connect this clue with the male character that has a motive related to his “love” life and likes to play poker. 

Please be sure to carefully look over the evidence. There may be more than what initially meets the eye!

More than Murder
Most of our mysteries not only feature a murder but also another sub-crime is committed. You will then have the murder and the sub-crime to solve. In many cases the sub-crime is actually committed by the guilty character at the party, while the murder may happen before the party.  There are separate evidence items that relate to the sub-crime. The number of items that relate to the sub-crime will also be disclosed in the Host Announcement at the beginning of the party.

Making the most from your money
Do you want to win the Wealthiest Player Award or at least use your money effectively? This is the section for you! There are several ways to increase your funds and use your money wisely.

One way to increase your funds is to sell the clues and evidence you have gathered. If you wanted to do this you would say something along the lines of, “I have a great clue! I will share it with you for $100!” If you come upon a group of characters you could offer to share the information for $100 each and only share your clue with those who paid up. You choose the dollar amount you want for your clue or evidence. If you feel it is a key clue you may want to ask for a higher amount. Just remember everybody started with $500.

You can barter clues. You tell me yours and I will tell you mine! This gets you a clue for free that you can always sell to someone else later. You can also blackmail the characters you have clues on. How much are they willing to pay for you to keep quiet? Now, whether or not you stay quiet depends on how honest you are!

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Rather than buying a “peek��� at a piece of evidence, why not buy the evidence itself and then sell the “peek” yourself? If you plan to do this you may want to do it early in the game, unless you advertise a no refund policy for those who may have already seen it! You could also do this for a good piece of information on another character or a series of clues that you believe relate to Who Dunnit.

Did you run out of money? You can borrow from a friend, sell your services (for example: if you are a singer you could offer to serenade another guest), steal other character’s money when they aren’t looking, and much more. Remember this is a game, have fun with it!

Several parties have rewards. If you solve the sub-crime you may receive a monetary reward! If a reward is being offered it will be given by the individual who was affected by the sub-crime. For example, in “Who Shot the Sheriff?” Wild Bill Hickok had a series of incidents where his stage-coaches were robbed. These thefts are not good for business, so he offers a reward to the individual who can solve who has been robbing his stage-coaches.

Partners in Crime
In some instances it can be advantageous to partner with a friend at the party. You can share the information you have gathered and ideas on solving Who Dunnit? Just a word of caution though, this person could slip you wrong information!



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