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Fundraiser Murder Mystery Parties

Why Choose Murder n' Mayhem for your next event?
  • A great way to increase your proceeds raised!
  • A unique way to insure your guests have a great time!
  • Our parties are customized to your number of attendees.
  • You will have an Event Manager who will work with you every step of the way.
  • We offer several different themes so you can choose which best fits you.
  • We can create a custom mystery just for your organization and provide alternate endings so it can be used multiple times.
  • We are Full Service and can take care of everything for you.                                 
  • We offer Murder A la Carte so you can choose which services best fit your needs.
  • We can help find additional ways to raise funds for your organization during the mystery event. (example: Mardi Gras Mystery- raffle pieces of a King Cake, have a prize for the winner of the "Lucky Baby!")

Murder n' Mayhem is a full service Murder Mystery Party! By full service we mean we can take care of everything for you! We offer our packages A la Carte so you can choose which services best fit your needs.

If you don't have an Event Planner on staff. Don't worry! We can take care of it for you! Our staff is trained in customer service and knows how to create that perfect party to die for! With our Murder Mystery Package you will be assigned an Event Manager. They can take care of all the details for you and can even be there to host the party!

How to arrange for Murder n' Mayhem at your party:

At Murder n' Mayhem our goal is to make this as easy for you as possible.

  • Contact us with your party date and mystery theme.
  • Sign a contract of intent and pay the $100 Deposit.
  • Decide which services from the Murder A la Carte menu you want.

We can help you take care of the rest! We can be your Guest List Manager, Event Planner, Marketing Manager, and Event Facilitator!

Menu of Mayhem:

Base Party Package $11.95/person*
Murder Mystery Kit, Guest List Management, Guest Customer Service, Event Page Listing, & Newsletter Marketing
     * Because Murder n' Mayhem wants to help you raise money our Fundraising price reflects a savings of $2 per person from our base package! Consider it our donation!
Murder A la Carte:
(These services may be added to the Base Party Package.)
Design Marketing Materials (Flyers, Ads, Brochures, etc)  $25/design + cost of printing
Custom Marketing Package- a marketing package designed to fit your business & budget
Event Facilitation $50/hour (2 Hour Minimum)

 (includes travel within 15 miles, outside 15 miles additional cost will apply)

Exclusive Custom Murder Mystery Party $150
Non-exclusive Custom Murder Mystery Party $75
   (Murder n' Mayhem retains the rights to reuse this party.)
   * Custom party fees are in addition to the per person guest/character fee.
Alternate Endings $35
Prop Package- a package of props and decorations designed to fit your mystery & budget

Need something else, but can't find it on our list?

Just let us know what you need and we can take care of it!

To qualify for the Fundraiser rate the proceeds from the murder mystery event must benefit a Non-Profit Organization. If the organization is not Non-Profit they can be submitted to Murder n' Mayhem: Murder Mystery Parties for special consideration.


Filling lives with Murder n' Mayhem one party at a time!
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