Murder n’ Mayhem is a full service event planning company! We add the personal touch to each event we put together by offering party packages that can be customized with a la carte options to meet your needs. Don’t have an event planner on staff? No problem! Our team is trained in customer service and experienced in event planning, resulting in the perfect party for your event. Each party is assigned a personal event planner who will help you manage your event with professional and personal finesse.


small groups
Looking for a completely unique way to entertain your friends & family? Look no further than our personal mystery parties! We furnish all the details; including an event manager, À la carte options, and even custom mystery themes, making your next birthday, anniversary, or Tuesday evening truly remarkable!


large & small groups
Looking for a unique team-building activity or holiday party experience? Great for conferences, conventions, and pulling the office together, our parties can be tailored to the needs of your company. With a full-service event planner and a wide variety of party options, we’ll make your next corporate event killer!  


& official events
Want to increase proceeds and ensure attendees enjoy your fundraiser? Our mystery parties can be customized according to your event, and will actively engage your audience. A dedicated event manager will work with your team to create the perfect scenario, maximizing and supporting your fundraising efforts! 


Restaurant, Hotel, B&B, Retail & more...
Want to increase your income? Our mystery parties are perfect for a dining or overnight scenario, and can be tailored to your needs and customized according to your menu & ambience. Give your patrons an evening to remember, and connect your name with a completely unique experience!


Follow these simple steps for the perfectly orchestrated party:

Time of Death

The first step in planning your mystery party is to choose a date. We recommend allowing at least one month to put the party together, but the more time, the better! Standard parties require 1-2 weeks for delivery, and customized parties require more time.

If you have less than one month until your party’s date, please contact us directly to get things going ASAP!

Suspect Identification

Next, you’ll want to prepare your guest list. Invite your friends, colleagues, or participants to take part in the mystery. We have invitations available for download, or you may purchase custom-printed invitations to match your party’s theme. Alternatively, you may use online invitation services, such as to save paper & postage, while connecting personally with your guests!

Murder Menu

Visit our Mysteries Page, and choose which theme will best fit your group!

If you have a specific theme in mind, but do not see it on our list, please contact us. We are always adding to our mystery selection, but will also write mysteries on demand. Have a special request or unique idea for a story? No worries, as we are always able to write custom mysteries.

Murder for Hire

Now you’re ready to place your order! You may order online or via phone. You’ll need to know the number of male & female attendees. If you don’t know this exact number, simply plan for an estimated number of attendees (please let us know if your list is estimated, so we can plan for additional guests).

Please allow one to two weeks for creation of your party before shipping. Parties with customizations may take longer.

Partners in Crime

Once you receive your murder mystery party, you will receive a FREE party planning consultation. This may take place in person or via e-mail, phone, or video conference. In our consultation, we will walk you through how to host a successful party and answer any questions you may have.
Your host guide will also give tips for your menu, beverages, decorations, and other details. If you have questions at any time, please feel free to contact us!

Suspect Line-up

You’ll want to assign each guest a character. The best way to do this is by matching the personality of each guest to our character list. There is a guest list worksheet included in your Host Guide to assist you in this process. At least one to two weeks before your party, you should distribute character information to your guests. This will allow your guests ample time to prepare their costumes, props, and life stories. Please remind guests to keep the details of their character secret until the party!

Setting the Crime Scene

Your Host Guide tells you where the murder takes place, and gives suggestions for setting the scene. It also has tips for food and decorations to help with the ambience of your party. Each party has a Pinterest board with great links for recipes, decorations, character costumes and more.

A Party “to die for”!

Keys to a successful party: Have fun with your characters! Interrogate your fellow suspects! Find all the evidence! Bribery, blackmail, and rumor-mongering are allowed! Award certificates are provided for: Wealthiest Player, Best Costume, Best Character Performance, Solved It!, and Super Sleuth. For tips to solving the mystery, please visit the Sleuthing Tips page on our site.